Oculus Rift Course

This course is about developing with the oculus rift in unity. The course is hosted through the udemy e-learning platform.

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The course tackles the hot topic of „virtual reality“. In march this year oculus released¬†the finished version of the rift. Other big companies like google, facebook, sony, valve and others have joined the VR movement. This tutorial is not a guide to implementing a specific game, it rather gives you the tools and knowledge to implement your own VR games. Unlike other courses about the oculus rift, this course does not stop after the setup. We take a look at the things that really matter for VR development. Without wasting time we quickly proceed with interesting and important topics that go beyond setting up a simple character to walk around in VR. Besides using the headtracking for shooting objects, we see how raycasting can be used to analyse and trigger functions at an object which is being looked at. Further topics are dealt with, such as user interfaces and more. Get a head start by taking this course.

In the course, we take a look at different techniques that are crucial to VR development, such as:

-using the headtracking for aiming and shooting

-raycasts to analyse an object which is being looked at

-retrieve the world point, at which the player is looking to send a character there

-teleport the player to visit interesting sites of a model

-various controls for user interfaces (look based input and more)

The length of the course is about 1 hour, but to try out all the examples for yourself, it will take a little more time.

What exactly is the course about?

  • Know basic and advanced techniques needed to dive into VR game development
  • Extend the standard assets, such as the FPSController or simply the MainCamera, with your own scripts
  • Use the direction the player is looking in while playing for different purposes such as aiming, shooting, selecting objects, trigger functions by looking at objects and more
  • Use techniques such as raycasting or instantiating objects
  • Know how to deal with graphical user interfaces in virtual reality
  • If you are interested in Unity3D or virtual reality, then this course is for you. Participants of this course are thereafter able to develop their own applications with the Oculus Rift. This course covers everything from the basics, such as using the headtracking for aiming, shooting and selecting objects up to alternative movement models, namely bird’s eye camera controls or teleporting. Useful programming skills can be picked up along the way as we practice the new techniques with several training examples in the Unity3D environment.

Do I need an Oculus Rift to benefit from the course?

  • We will use Unity3D for this course. The latest version can be downloaded from the official unity website. A developer kit of the oculus rift can come in useful in order to apply the learned techniques.
  • This course is also useful to users without an oculus rift, as all seen techniques and examples are also valid and applicable for non-VR development.
  • Evidently, we cannot use the oculus rift’s full potential without programming, but of course everything will be explained with the necessary detail. I will link you to the respective documentation pages in case you wish to look something up.


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